Emmanuel Acho

Emmanuel Acho

You may know Emmanuel Acho as the host of groundbreaking video series “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” Or as a New York Times bestselling author. Or as an Emmy-winning television broadcaster. Or as a former linebacker for two NFL franchises. But most importantly, Acho has a voice of compassion and understanding that he uses to talk about, everything.

Run TOWARDS the roar!

Run TOWARDS the roar!

My Favorite Failure

My Favorite Failure

My Favorite Failure

My Favorite Failure


  • John Doe
    John Doe40 minuta më parë

    Sorry but "thoughts and prayers" have done absolutely NOTHING!

  • Shabberplasm 32
    Shabberplasm 3245 minuta më parë

    Its not meaningful when the government does nothing. Its thoughtless and a PR statement.

  • Paula Deegan
    Paula DeeganOrë më parë

    Thank You for the great video! I have not listened to a lot of Lil Wayne’s music but from the time I saw an interview w him - I have always liked this young man. There is something abt him that I really like... God Bless...

  • Gwendolyn Henson
    Gwendolyn Henson3 orë më parë

    I said the exact same thing! I had his book in my library already. The Chris Rock thing happened. I listened about a month later- and I saw immediately why he was triggered.

  • FamilyFirst!!
    FamilyFirst!!5 orë më parë


  • Heather O'Donnell
    Heather O'Donnell5 orë më parë

    Imagine if your mother, your daughter, your sister, your female friends were in a situation where they were forced to give birth. Imagine. Why aren’t you outraged about the abortion bans and inevitable overturn of Roe v. Wade? Are women’s lives not important to you? I asked you in person about this and you couldn’t even string together an answer that made sense. Where is your outrage over the fact the that women will die bc of abortion bans? Are the lives of women not as important? Even on gun violence- what are YOU doing to make a difference other than talking in general terms on TV? What are you personally doing, Emmanuel? Not talking - doing??

  • My B
    My B6 orë më parë

    Yes. Yes. Yes!

  • RYAN M
    RYAN M6 orë më parë

    Amen. Love the suit

  • mrD Books
    mrD Books7 orë më parë

    George Kirby died of a Drug Overdose, Fact. Mob Justice put a Police Officer in jail for a Murder he did not commit, Fact.

  • Brandon Pueppke
    Brandon Pueppke9 orë më parë

    Amen I had a scare a couple of weeks ago a child brought his fathers gun to my children’s school and had a list of kids he was targeting thank god nobody was hurt

  • WWTaveler2022
    WWTaveler20229 orë më parë

    This is all very true and yet another example of us not learning from history, thus condemned to repeating its awful results into infinity. I remember in the early 1980's when (what became known as HIV/AIDS-Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome- but was first nicknamed ) GRID ("Gay-Related Immune Deficiency") first reared its ugly head chiefly among the gay male population. It was awful beyond belief. Guys were healthy one week and within a month was skin and bones and soon to die. there were no drug cocktails to take. I lost so many friends Ii threw out my address book (remember those?) . The grief was paralyzing. Then it started to affect another segment of society: IV Drug users and Haitian people. Here's the kicker: Outside of the people within those communities, NO BODY CARED ABOUT THE DYING AND THE DEAD. NO ONE. As the televangelist Pat Robertson famously said on his cable TV show, "Why do anything? Let it run its course. it was killing all the right people." And most of America agreed with that statement. When did they start to care? The started to care when a white middle/upper class hemophiliac baby was infected with tainted blood. All of a sudden, there were "innocent victims" associated with the disease, people that weren't doing "bad and disgusting" thing to deserve their gruesome deaths. That's when America and President Ronald Reagan started to care. That's when the federal government and The White House decided to do "something." It was affecting their political base. By then, it was far too late. In the 1980's, crack cocaine was decimating the urban centers of America. It was creating primarily a great void in the black and brown communities of this country. What was the action taken? Almost none. Again, it was killing all the right people. What happened was that these people, who needed a lot of help to reverse the journey of their lives, were treated like animals, given no real sympathy, assigned to the pile of "throw-away people". Law enforcement proudly made examples of crack addicts to show their communities how they were getting rid of the "garbage" and cleaning up the community so that upstanding citizens can feel "safe". There were not enough outcry for rehab centers to be built, crack addicts weren't deserving of that grace. Fast forward to the mid-1990's and the early 2000's. We have a full-blown epidemic from pain medication abuse that was affecting primarily white America in the rural areas and towns; and lo and behold, these addicts were "victims". Law enforcement was talking about rehab centers and less about arrests. The politicians were up in arms and ready to take action right away. Everyone spoke about these folks as if they had agency, were real life people with promise, people that should be protected and helped to overcome their disease. Where was all that kumbaya speak when crack was killing all those black and brown people? Inquiring minds would like to know. Only when the crap hit the fan in their families and communities are the vast majority of Americans (let's say for it is, white America) is on board to act. “We shouldn’t have to imagine it’s somewhere we care about who’s been killed in order to care they’ve been killed. Until we are collectively outraged, even when we are unaffected, then we will not see justice nor will we see reform” - Emmanuel Acho These mass shootings should not be political. Maybe Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and the rest of the GOP pols who are withholding their vote on ANY gun control measure in the Congress or at the various state houses will change their minds when their grandchild id killed in a mass school shooting, their nephew or niece, their son or daughter, their wife or husband, their parents is killed at a supermarket or a movie theater or at a concert or at a church by a 19 year old who gave himself an automatic weapon 200 ROUNDS OF BULLETS as a birthday gift. We should only hope that it never comes to this but hey, for so many people, nothing matters unless it is happening to them. And that's a truly sad reflection on life in America. Truly sad.

  • Roderick Spence
    Roderick Spence10 orë më parë

    Thoughts and prayers are meaningless I'm sure a lot of people were killed in these incidences prayed prayed but didn't stop them from getting killed . Religion is garbage

  • Fred Potts
    Fred Potts10 orë më parë

    OK first off Derek Chauvin was not fired and arrested immediately. It took like a solid week before any of that shit happened. I have a gut feeling that there was a lot of lies from the cops in this video. I do not trust any man or a woman in police uniform and I never well.

  • W B
    W B10 orë më parë

    Through all that talking. U offered no opinions of solutions. Even if people disagree with ur solution, u didn’t offer one. And that’s the problem. People yell gun control and don’t go on to say what they mean. Stricter background checks? This young man would’ve passed even the strictest of background checks. No criminal history. Nothing. So what do we do. Ban all guns? And of course mass shootings suck, especially like the ones we’ve seen recently. But did u get upset when the 11 yr old girl was killed by a stray bullet in last week when during a drive by. And I would like to ask this question, with u being a famous person, are u strapped? Do u own a gun? Why or why not. The real issue is people are becoming more and more evil. Bible says so. Bible hasn’t lied yet. This is something that will become part of our life’s. And will only get worse. No matter what we do, evil will find a way. There is only one who can stop all evil and He hasn’t returned yet.

  • Pierre Fowler
    Pierre Fowler11 orë më parë

    Really great episode!

  • Kimberly Kelly
    Kimberly Kelly11 orë më parë

    I feel that until or unless people in power/government can make a profit off meaningful change, we are doomed to continue repeating these horrors. People do not matter to those that make the decisions, only more money and power work for them.

  • DaysBeforeTravis
    DaysBeforeTravis11 orë më parë

    "I want to have a conversation"! Just watched your speech at UT!

  • thedirty530
    thedirty53012 orë më parë

    You always trashing my teams Acho but I couldn't agree with you more here! Our actions are not saying we care enough to do anything different!

  • Davii 84
    Davii 8413 orë më parë

    Why did u bring up not being able to identify with Asian Americans when there was a mass shooting by a black man targeting white people. All shootings are horrible and tragic but don’t make this that thing about race.

  • True Persona
    True Persona13 orë më parë

    Imagine living with the trauma and loss all your life. Change the constitution and BAN guns from ordinary citizens. Stop unnecessary deaths. This will curb all kinds of terror and violence.

  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson14 orë më parë

    There won't be change until some white people feel that the US is ALL WHITE !! Real Talk .

  • John Matuk
    John Matuk14 orë më parë

    Well said! Articulate and on point!

  • Daniel
    Daniel16 orë më parë

    Oh let America be America again, the land that never has been yet and yet must be the land or every man is free

  • Howard Hornbuckle
    Howard Hornbuckle16 orë më parë

    Very well said

    VIGILANTE REALITY TV18 orë më parë

    *'Senator Cruz holds a press conference on Iran'* 5K views · 2 months ago *'Senator Ted Cruz'* VIGILANTE REALITY TV 0 seconds ago *'He should have just killed me': Father of Texas school shooter says he's 'sorry' for gun rampage that killed 21 but insists his son is NOT 'a monster'* daily mail *(I'M CERTAIN THE SHOOTER WAS COMMUNICATING WITH SOMEONE ONLINE WHO INCITED HIM TO DO THAT!!)* *TREASONOUS, TRAITOR, WAHHABI, TERRORIST, BRENNAN AND TROLLS AT THE SAUDI'S CIA ARE MAKING SLEEPER CELLS OUT OF PEOPLE WITH ISSUES BY GROOMING THEM TO BECOME TERRORISTS THRU SOCIAL MEDIA!! AND WHEN THE TRUTH TRIGGERS THE SAUDI'S EVIL, SNOWFLAKE, BRENNAN, HE MAKES THEM ATTACK SOMETHING!!* *sleep·er cell* *a secretive group of spies or terrorist agents that remain inactive within a target population until ordered to act.* CC: Yall

  • nicole lawrence
    nicole lawrence19 orë më parë

    I CALL BS. This a big steaming both side ism pile of 🦬💩. A lot of us are collectively outraged and have been for a long while. But we're held hostage in this groundhog's day repeat cycle of mass shootings, empathy and then nothing. I felt just as bad for Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, Parkland, Uvalde, Atlanta spa shooting and the church in California. I've imagined my own loss, watched loved ones speak, listened to debates on and on. I know for a fact that people who I'd consider the other side felt empathy and compassion. They imagined, they hugged their kids and their loved ones too. It is not a lack of compassion, it is a difference in priorities. At this point you can't even say it's about skin color because we've had mass shooting where a majority of victims are one race gets killed but the reaction is ALWAYS the same. We. Do. NOTHING. So those who prioritize guns over all else, even their lives and the lives of their children hold on. And they come up with some excuse to justify doing nothing, including saying the event didn't happen and it was completely made up. That's what we're dealing with. People who prioritize gun over life, vs people who prioritize life over guns.

  • Nicole Wood
    Nicole Wood20 orë më parë

    We’ll said Emmanuel.

  • Lennice Smith
    Lennice Smith21 orë më parë

    Peach! I’m am struggling with this and want to do something! What can we do to change this senseless evil?

  • Jorinde Berben
    Jorinde BerbenDitë më parë

    "It's your development in private that leads to your success in public". So important! We become on the outside who we become on the inside first. I love you as a speaker Emmanuel, so much passion, so much warmth and care, so much respect in all of your communications. Thank you for sharing these words with young people and with the world at large! <3