My Favorite Failure

I’ve failed a lot in life. For those of you that didn’t know of me before Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man, I played in the NFL, but it didn’t go as planned, at all. A Twitter troll recently reminded me of my “failed” NFL career. Rather than debate him, I conceded that the NFL was my favorite failure.
Watch & Listen to why I say that, then comment below and tell me, what is your favorite failure & why? I want to hear from y’all!


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    And this perspective is what makes your contribution to humanity more impactful. Thank God for failures! And the opportunity for their possibility at all.

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    Sending love from Philly❤️... we love all of our Eagles players!

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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    Word life. This is basic thuganomics.

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    Shoot, no caption. :-(

  • cathy kuntz
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    Failed at my first two jobs after college. They spawned a lifelong interest in self improvement and conflict resolution. I would not have gone to grad school without those failures.

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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    Hello....My name is Rachel and I just got to know your show. I do not know if your taking suggestions for another talk show and if not, can you still send me your email ask you a question? (I hope to hear from you)

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    What’s Tony Robbin’s quote? “There is no such thing as failure, there is only results.” Another one I like is “You can only fail if you don’t try.” I’ve had lots of failures in relationships, job paths, health, but I’ve learned so much and doors have been opened I never would have considered otherwise.

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    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

  • Cindy B Tanner
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    My favorite failure was being illegally removed from a job that let me get a new job that allowed me to work remotely which led me to meet my current husband.

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    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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    The link is broken.

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    It is fixed now 😊

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    I love and agree with the concept. My failures have shaped me and shaken me so that I could change and grow. I wouldn't change a thing. "We can do hard things." Glennon Doyle

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    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love.

  • Logan Metcalf
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    My favorite failure was getting kicked out of my high school's choir. Throughout middle school, I was a real big choir/drama kid. I did all the musicals, I was in drama club, and I went and sang in competitions for my school's choir. Towards the end of 8th grade, I auditioned for my upcoming high school's prestige acapella choir and got in. However, by the time I started high school, the original choir teacher had retired and a new one came in. She wanted to re-audition everyone and I didn't make the cut with her. But because I didn't make the cut, I had a free period in my schedule and decided to take an IT Class, which taught me a lot about computers and filmmaking (mostly editing) and helped me achieve a lifelong dream of pursuing a career in media.

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    Your NFL career is not your failure it's this youtube channel

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    Inspiring! :)

  • Gizelle Ndayizaniye
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    Mine is when a black men said that they hate dark skinned woman! Why black men hates dark skinned woman? I m so glad . I ended up to meet a white man who loves me as queen and loves everything about dark skinned woman 🤣

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    I was in a mechatronics college class in high school, funded by a college named Gateway. It was suppose to give under privilaged rural area students a leg up to get jump started into college, but it was anything but. The teacher was mean. If you had to leave one day to pick up your little brother from football practice, you were cut from the course, if you told him something he did wasn't right, or something he said was rude, you were cut from the course. If he felt like you wouldn't fair well, you were cut from the course. No matter how much we voiced our griefs with Gateway, they refused to replace him in our course. Even after our teachers from the high school seen what he was doing, and also reported it. My first day in that class, he walked up to my desk, looked me in the eye and said "why are YOU here?" I was targeted from first day onward. He went so far as to fail me by one point on the final exam, and call the place the college and high school set an interview up for all of the people in the class to tell them that none of us were worth their time or money. If we had gotten that job, we would have had a full ride through college while working for the company that would have paid us. Honestly? I'm glad it happened. If that didn't, I'd still be in that small town being lonely and hating where I was. I'd probably still be with the same guy that I was with for six years simply through convenience and I would have been in a job that I was trying for purely to change where I lived and how much I made so I wouldn't be homeless, rather than that I enjoyed.

  • Diane Rearick
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    Good for you! Keep doing what you do, you are making a difference.

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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    “If you don’t learn to fail, you’ll fail to learn.” Thank you, Emmanuel! You are an inspiration!!

  • Karen Miller
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    Emmanuel, I love your attitude here ... it’s all a matter of perspective. My favorite failure is, after spending 31 years with the same family of companies, moving my family as a result of a merger, and rising to position of VP, I experienced a layoff. While I was figuring out what I wanted to do next, I began volunteering at a local literacy center tutoring GED students in math. When the teacher in the program left, they asked me to take over teaching the program which began my 10 year career as a GED instructor and led to having the opportunity to coauthor a PreGED textbook. During that time, I also became certified as a career coach and have helped many people find their passion including some who experienced devastating layoffs. I am now retired and still keep in touch with many of my GED students and coaching clients who are living their best lives. If I had not experienced the layoff, I would never have had the opportunity to help them on their journeys. Failure is painful, but, if you dwell on what you’ve lost, you’ll never see the amazing opportunities on your horizon. Thank you so much for what you’re doing. You have opened my eyes and helped me tremendously. Keep having those Uncomfortable Conversations.

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love.

  • Aries Trowell
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    Kept gettin cut and hurtin yourself cuz that wasn't what you wer suppose to do... HE pushed you out to do what he called you to do

  • Michelle Barrios
    Michelle Barrios4 muaj më parë

    As an empowered Panamanian Visual Designer and artist I decided to quit my job in Panama and grow as a professional moving to another country, so I thought about going to the Dreamland: USA. But I also got excited with discovering Europe, so I decided to go to Madrid Spain. Unfortunately it resulted in a fraudulent "master" so my arrival was not nice with legal procedure that lasted 8 years with positive and negative results. I was devastated and alone. One of my favourite failures: to be so naive coming to Spain. Starting a life here under this circumstances has been a tremendous learning experience for me. Now, after seeing the last events of the USA, I fully understand and see the American systemic racism, and I sadly admit that I'm glad I decided to live in this part of the world. I still love the US because of the family and tons of friends that I have there, because it's a huge influence on our Panamanian culture. And last but not least, because my hubby is American ♥️ I hope that there's a smooth and quick reconstruction of the American society. Thanks for what you do Emmanuele! ♥️

  • Rachel Joseph
    Rachel Joseph4 muaj më parë

    So not a football fan but I love this series ❤️. Thank you. My favorite failure was losing my public school teaching career as a German teacher but parlaying that as a private tutor as well as an ESL teacher where I’ve been enriched by the opportunity to teach so many different people from so many different countries and cultures. You’re awesome, keep doing what you’re doing!!

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

  • Jay Irwin
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    Wow! I love it. I look at my current situation and feel it might be a failure, yet it's part of the mosaic of life.

  • Daniella Cressman
    Daniella Cressman4 muaj më parë

    My favorite failure is not finishing the program abroad in India that I had dreamed to because I got very sick. Instead, I came home early, recovered, and learned everything I could about health and wellness. Now, I am earning some money from writing about health. I don't think that ever would have happened if I'd stayed in India. I wouldn't have gained as much knowledge about how to eat well, exercise, and take care of myself if I hadn't gotten so sick, and I probably wouldn't have discovered my passion for writing and been able to help other people the way I can now.

  • Sandy Perez
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    Why did somthing go wrong when I clicked on the video? It won’t show?

  • Tracy Garcia
    Tracy Garcia4 muaj më parë

    You are too kind! May God bless you in all of your "failures".

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown4 muaj më parë

    Grand Rising my Brother. What is a email address that I can contact you.

  • Eric Costley
    Eric Costley4 muaj më parë

    Bro, you are currently living the dream. I think whoever thought you failed, wants your lifestyle. Keep up the good work. The respect level has increased

  • Brittany Winn
    Brittany Winn4 muaj më parë

    I feel it is interesting that your videos are about leveling the playing field. About being accountable for our choices and actions that hurt others or treat them as if their difference make them lesser... And yet you don't have closed captioning available. Ironic.

  • Tim Roche
    Tim Roche4 muaj më parë

    In the AFL 2016 Season of Aussie Rules Footy (not to be confused with either Rugby League or Rugby Union, because it is a completely different code of Football!), my beloved Richmond Tigers FC has the worst season under (head) coach Damien "Dimma" Hardwick. We had made the Finals over the 3 past season, being knocked out during the first week of the finals series. After our 2nd round (of 23weeks with 1 bye round), Twenty Sixteen was going to be a very long season. Richmond finished 13th out of the 18 team comp. The top 8 go through to the finals in September. We RFC Board had launched an independent review of our football department, deciding to stick with Dimma for the next 2years! He took his family to the USA to study in the offseason, coming back in December. He was re-engerized. Sitting in the Outer (an Aussie term for watching sport around the ground. Be that local footy of at top level) of the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground, which we is shortened to The G), I could see and feel a difference, & I wasn't alone thinking this in the Tiger Army!! Footy is an unofficial religion in Melbourne, an i became a member after reading Captain Blood, The Jack Dyer story in late 1996, instead of a just barracking (barrack means support. I'd say root but that has a different meaning in NZ & Australia.....). Richmond finished the H&A Season in 3rd place on the AFL Ladder (with Top 4 getting a 2nd chance in first week of the Finals. We hadn't won a final since 2001 but we flogged the other, then won the Preliminary Final for the first time since 1982 (the Tigers last Grand Final appearance, where we were beaten by the Carlton Ff Blues. I was 7 turning 8yo a month later). We were back into the BIG DANCE, the last Saturday of September for the 2017 Grand Final (AFL's Superbowl). We went in as underdogs but won our first Premiership in 37years!!!!!!!!!!!! Footy has been my way of resetting for the for each week, in good times and bad. This is especially important as I had become homeless for 2months, yet fully employed, staying with friends until a cabin in a caravan park became available. My car required repairs which I couldn't afford to make until I was retrenched in October,within days of winning our 11th premiership!! My belove Tiges have won 3 of the passed 4 Premierships. From Dimma to Captain Trent Cotchin and the rest of Richmond's players, we have become one of the Greatest Teams in Aussie Rules history. Which has been ever more important during the Coronavirus Pandemic. The AFL Season was stopped, then reduced. The Queensland government allowed all 10teams from Victorian to relocate to QLD as the 2nd Wave took hold in Victoria. I was one of the lucky one to still have an approved job and could travel across Melbourne for work as the restrictions got tigher an tigher. The good news is that we're out the other as a mild Summer has arrived! As for your NFL career, like all professional sport athletes, just making it to that level is half the battle, an achievement that SHOULD NEVER BE UNDERSTATED!! The person who said you were a "Has-Been" sounds like he is a "Never-Was!" I've only discovered your channel today, but will borrow book from my local library. Once I have read the small pile of books upon my bedside table....... As we say Down Under; Love ya Work!!! I will look for you on other Social Media platforms, because I'd like to continue a conversation from a Gubbah's (a Wjitfella) because I see things from an Australian point of view, which differs from many of fellow non indigenous Australians....... Take care, stay safe and slań for now, Tim

  • Dorinne Facey
    Dorinne Facey4 muaj më parë

    Wisdom, compassion and honesty... keep up sharing this GIFT, who ever gets it (this precious gift) will be truly richer in so many ways, it is a win win situation. I hope more people in "human race"🤗 see it 🥰

  • Kenneth Frazier
    Kenneth Frazier4 muaj më parë

    My favorite failure is a relationship I pursued with all my heart and mind, only to find out we weren't a match. This forced me to dive deeper into myself and understand who I truly am and what I really want in a life partner. This open the door for me to meet my dream woman.

  • Steve Schneider
    Steve Schneider4 muaj më parë

    This is the one thing that people don't understand, all people universally fail at one time or another and usually more then once. I love my failures almost as much as my successes. My first 2 businesses failed but I learned so much from those failures that now I'm more successful both financially, mentally and emotionally.

  • Alessandra Parsons
    Alessandra Parsons4 muaj më parë

    It didn't feel great at the time, but my favourite failure was my mental breakdown in 2010. I'd hit rock bottom, but I had some R&R with my family and made the decision to return home and try again. Since then I've achieved so much and have come so far and am now happy with where my life is.

  • AshleeWith2Es
    AshleeWith2Es4 muaj më parë


  • Emily Hoselton
    Emily Hoselton4 muaj më parë

    A lot of people would consider the three-ish years before this last year as a failure, but I don't. My old roommate and I (still in our early 20s) hit as close to rock bottom as I ever dare to go. It was constant financial struggle, which affected us both emotionally, mentally, and physically. She eventually decided to walk away and start over, and I sort of came to the same decision a few months later. In October of 2019, I quit the full-time job that wasn't paying my bills and made me miserable, I went to trucking school, got my CDL, and I've been a successful trucker for the past year. Because I left my job, my phone and electricity got shut off (right before the cold season really kicked in). I barely could keep gas in my car. I had to use my gas stove to heat my apartment and every candle and camping lantern I owned for light. In June 2020, I moved out of my apartment, put all my stuff into storage, and dived headfirst into almost completely living in my truck. I've paid off a good portion of my debts and will be almost entirely debt-free in just a year or two. Sooner with the bonus checks I get for being a good driver. I don't know how long I can keep up this sort of lifestyle, but I had to "fail" hard before I finally said enough was enough. I learned a lot of valuable life lessons through these hardships.

  • Kenwood Brotherhood
    Kenwood Brotherhood4 muaj më parë

    Wow, it made me not look at failures, but situations in my life.

  • Jamus Geter
    Jamus Geter4 muaj më parë

    Congratulations on turning your "failures " into successes. I teach my girls that failure is not a bad thing. Failure can help you be better because it makes you go back and loon at what you did, and see how you can do it differently next time. So I applaud you for speaking on how to handle failure. My greatest "failure" was wanting to die the day after my wife passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. I wanted to kill myself, and mentally I had/have considered myself stronger than that but I truly wanted to die until I looked into the eyes of our 15 month old daughter and realized, I have to think differently. I have a daughter to raise on my own and I can't fail her. I pushed through the mental hurdles of being a single parent. I was able to take my hurt and turn in into a message of how God can use your tragedy to help someone else reach their triumph. I am a minister in my church now(which my first wife always said I would be in spite of my resistance) I am married to a wonderful women and am now raising 2 other beautiful girls along with my babygirl. #GirlDad. I consider this my Greatest Failure. Thanks for allowing me to share. Be blessed

  • Let's Make A Move LLC
    Let's Make A Move LLC4 muaj më parë

    When they THINK you failed but they don't know your personal growth from that "failed" situation

  • Karen Burns
    Karen Burns4 muaj më parë

    LOVE YOU! I wish you could teach this to the Foster Children I work with.

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    4 ditë më parë

    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

  • Fatimah Patterson
    Fatimah Patterson4 muaj më parë

    Dang you came long way 💯 you strong person

  • BriMcD
    BriMcD4 muaj më parë

    Hi, could you make a video about uncomfortable conversations with a black man to a black woman? I want to have these conversations with not just a black man who " supports black queens" but those who feel adverse to black women and black women who feel hurt by black men. I really would like to start healing this casam that has been created in our communities. And as a black woman, I want to be heard, and I also need to hear from black men that feel unheard by us.

  • Sultan SOC 20
    Sultan SOC 204 muaj më parë

    Saya Indonesia jawa

  • Sir MaddaM Metzo
    Sir MaddaM Metzo4 muaj më parë

    I "failed" to blend in at the clothes shop I started my training as a retailer. I thought this was a good choice, because I was already trained as a seamstress but I wasn't and then I wrote one application, brought it to a big tech retailer in my town, got a call and an interview on the same day and boom new job where I felt so happy for the next 2 1/2 years. I met a lot of great people that helped me, shaped me a bit more and I still love to visit them. But I think my biggest "failure" is me living as a woman. Until I realized, that's not what I am. For so many years I tried to fit it, then I stopped trying and said: I'm an untypical woman but even that wasn't enough to feel comfortable. I was so unhappy that I even started to refer to myself as "defective". This year (I'm 31 now) I finally realized that I'm non-binary trans and started my social transition and I'm on my way to start hormonal transition in January. I feel like a big pressure is lifted off my heart and shoulders and I'm looking forward to live my life as the actual ME.

  • Audra Love
    Audra Love4 muaj më parë

    You didn't fail. You learned. and the fact that you are making these uncomfortable conversations, and are making me feel more comfortable with my perceived failures, and believe me, there has been many, makes you a hero in my mind. I am a single white mother of four and yes, things didn't go as planned. Any one who is a troll and has nothing better else to do than to find happiness in others despair is just jealous, spiteful, and downright mean. Come on, you made the NHL! I don't know anyone who has done this. That is a huge feat in itself and now you're here making me and many others feel better about there own feelings of inadequacy. I can go to bed feeling better about myself tonight thanks to you. I will say some good words about you tonight!

  • Reiko Myles
    Reiko Myles4 muaj më parë

    Failures can either make you or break you. The choice is ours. Thankfully, we can do all things possible through Christ that strengthens us.

  • Deni Dobson
    Deni Dobson4 muaj më parë

    I love this segment!!! My favorite failure was about 23 years ago. I had one semester left of tech school. My fiance and I found out we were pregnant. We got married and had our baby 👶 I never finished my last semester of school and never became a Paralegal. But I was able to raise our kids without a daycare raising them. I am thankful every day for that failure♡♡

  • P Augie
    P Augie4 muaj më parë

    I dont consider playing in the NFL a failure.

  • McClappin_u_softly
    McClappin_u_softly4 muaj më parë

    I watch you and and Wiley all the time Love that show you guys crack me up And if failures and never giving up can lead to something as awesome as that then LFG! Being in college has taught me something more important the schooling itself and that is without any failures there is no true success

  • Integral Domain
    Integral Domain4 muaj më parë

    You probably have a longer life expectancy without the NFL too!

  • Tracy Chavez
    Tracy Chavez4 muaj më parë

    I lived in a mentally ill shelter for one year. I walked away from the shelter with a greater sense of gratitude. I realized I was more capable and functional than any of the other residents. I look to the right and to the left and I know someone always has it worse than me. I let go of the past so that I can live in the now. I do not have regrets. Should have, could have would have is too late. I did not forget about the residents that I lived with at the Shelter. I consider them an extension of my family. Shelters are now regulated by the state of NM. I hope that makes a difference. I witnessed some things that are not acceptable.

  • Richard Taylor
    Richard Taylor4 muaj më parë

    The lighting on this video is the true failure. Love you Acho!

  • Nathan Daniels
    Nathan Daniels5 muaj më parë

    Hey fam! The 14 dumbass people that disliked this video, .... F**k them cuh! Do your thang Big Homie! 👍🏾✊🏾👍🏾✊🏾👍🏾✊🏾

  • Michele Curlee
    Michele Curlee5 muaj më parë

    Ha! At my age, I’ve had too many failures to count! There were times when I got knocked down and stayed down for far too long. I got back up and set out in new directions. Sometimes, I feel like I have lived multiple lifetimes as things changed so much. In the end, getting back up from failure is the true measure of a successful life!

  • Kajika
    Kajika5 muaj më parë

    Growth doesn't happen without challenge and challenge doesn't present itself without some risk of failure. We get to choose whether we grow or not.

  • Vulvasaurus Lix
    Vulvasaurus Lix5 muaj më parë

    I've given this considerable thought throughout the years, and I always look back at my _"Failed Marriage"_ as that deciding point in which my life led to some of the most interesting and cherished moments/memories in my life. After two and a half years of separation from her, I finally made the decision to leave the city where we met, married, divorced, and continued to reside, relocating to and living carefree in _Galveston_ for the next two years, until BLINDLY taking the plunge on a One-Way flight to _HONOLULU, Hawaii,_ where I made it my Home for just shy of the next TWO DECADES! Even though my life there could occasionally feel "lonely" at times, I was overwhelmingly the happiest I'd ever been in my Entire Life, even during those Earlier Weeks after my arrival, when I was barely just "Getting By." I would've NEVER had the opportunity to experience that Life in such immersive depth had my ex-Wife not grown "dissatisfied" with me and our marriage and essentially pushed me out of her and her [already pre-established] children's lives. Despite some "Lost Dreams" I was pursuing at the time that eventually fell victim as a result of an unsupportive marriage partner, our Break-Up was, in effect, the "KICK" I'd needed in order for me to truly Feel Alive and Blessed!

  • Roy Niedfeldt
    Roy Niedfeldt5 muaj më parë

    I like you as a person don't like your show, its hurting a lot of people. You ignore things all around the world that are ruining people lives and try to prove with a twisting of facts that black people are so marginalized. Wish you cared half as much as you do about black people about the much greater travesties in the world like the 300 some Nigerian boys who were kidnapped a few days ago instead of making black Americans feel like the victims of the world.

  • Eric Crone
    Eric Crone5 muaj më parë

    This is hard to admit, but it was my greatest failure that I learned a lot from: I went to graduate school hoping to get a PhD in Material Science and Engineering after a successful undergraduate degree. While I am there I suffer from extreme depression and start to drink my sorrows away. To the point where I am not actively trying to hurt myself, but I no longer had any concern whether I got home safely every night or not. Most mornings I woke up confused how I even made it home. I had one night in particular where I really pushed my limits, and under the influence of many substances, I legitimately thought I had died. I thought I was involved in a car accident on the way to a party and I was stuck in some sort of Purgatory (which says a lot because I am not generally religious). That night I almost got arrested by the police when I decide to act out when people are coming home from bars closing, just to show I am alive. I managed to get out of that night with a magnificent human being named Edison bailing me out of the cops arresting me for disturbing the peace. Just a couple of months later I had managed to totally reset, living with family and being near close friends again. I learned so much about how to deal with the worst of life during that time, and it has made me stronger for it in the long run. I still have my issues, but I will never let myself get that low again. Ever.

  • KittyMazing
    KittyMazing5 muaj më parë

    The only reason im here is because his dad was my therapist. He comes from a very wise family and I'm happy he gets to share his family's wisdom with people around the world.

  • Mo Haddock
    Mo Haddock5 muaj më parë

    Early in my nursing career I took a job in an ICU. I was provided critical care training and then assigned to a preceptor. I lasted 4 months in that Unit. I asked questions when I was not certain of something. I began to get short, curt answers. I had been an RN for a couple of years on a surgical floor and I “was supposed to know this stuff already!” I finally realized I was in a Unit that was not ready to teach “an experienced nurse.” I left that Unit and moved on to another position. That short period of time I quickly learned that it is OK to ask questions and it is OK to move away from a toxic area. For a brief short period after I left I felt like a failure. It took time to realize that the environment was toxic, no matter what I did I was not going to succeed there at that time. That was over 35 years ago and I am still an RN, and a damn good one. You ask me a question, I will give you and answer, or find someone who can give US the answer !!!! 😀👍🏻

  • shawn199500
    shawn1995005 muaj më parë

    You made it to the NFL , that in itself is amazing accomplishment in itself.

  • L C
    L C5 muaj më parë

    To paraphrase Henry Ford: Failure is the opportunity to more intelligently begin again. Love your videos!

  • Omniescient One
    Omniescient One5 muaj më parë

    Thanks Emmanuel for all you have far. I can see clearly you have more to do and will do. Thank you for these videos

  • Ashleigh Nelson
    Ashleigh Nelson5 muaj më parë

    You sir, are an admirable and inspiring individual. I hope someday to be half the person you are. Three cheers for your incredible attitude in the face of adversity. 💜😎💜

  • Leri
    Leri5 muaj më parë

    I’m guessing he took the video down??? Y’all really suck ffs

  • Alex Padilla
    Alex Padilla5 muaj më parë

    Bruh, you made it to the NFL. How many of us can say that? The percentage of a college athlete getting drafted or signed into the NFL is extremely small. Some people love to troll because they can hide themselves behind a computer but will never tell it to your face. Keep moving forward and keep doing what you're doing.

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    Donna Hollander5 muaj më parë

    I don't know about football...I do know you are rocking your VOICE..being heard in an amazing way. You are doing you for all the world to hear. I wait for your Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man. From a 65 year old Jewish white woman.

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    CaroPro5 muaj më parë

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  • Delphine On
    Delphine On5 muaj më parë

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    My favorite failure is not getting accepted into an orchestra training program in Florida. I had just received my doctorate and wanted to play in a professional orchestra as I thought that was my only way t become successful. This program would've prepared me for that. So when I didn't get in, I was depressed. I also had a rough but humbling lesson afterwards that showed how far behind I was. I ended up staying in the town I went to school in, but this lead me to meeting people who showed me what it really meant to have a relationship with God. This literally saved soul. Who knows what I would've been exposed to in Florida or if I would've come back to Christ. A second favorite failure is a failed relationship. I ended up dating a guy who wasn't good for me for the better part of a year, but it didn't work out which led to tons of anxiety and depression. However, while dating him, I applied to a teaching position in his town thinking that would just allow me to see him more often. Who would've known that I would fall in love and actually be a natural teacher. I now have a small private studio that I believe will grow, am working on songs for my first album, starting a ALthe channel soon, and have started fundraising for a non profit music center for children of color.

  • Heather Harris
    Heather Harris5 muaj më parë

    We may have our plans for what we may believe will be a great life. GOD’s plans for us are always better than we can imagine. Failure may be the closed door our LORD has not planned for you to go through. The LORD took you through an open door to where you are now. May GOD continue to bless and use you in mighty ways in your current role.

  • Jeremy Jackson
    Jeremy Jackson5 muaj më parë

    I needed this. I always felt like I wasn't smart enough when I got to college because I kept failing. I couldn't keep up but in high school I was a straight A student. The confusion, the embarrassment, the regret, and the depression of doubting myself set in. I got suspended and started working two jobs to make myself feel like I'm good at something. Got readmitted and kept one of my jobs. Starting improving my grades but I ended up being consume by stress in was in a coma for 2 months because my body shut down. I woke up frail and crying for my mom. A grown man crying for his mom to help him. She was right outside the room and I just told her I'm sorry. That I couldn't live up to those expectations as a first generation college student. She look at me and told me it's ok. Just do what do what you can do. Two years later I graduate in May with B.A in Journalism and a minor in photography. That day I decided I was going to live life for me and try my best to not compare myself to my peers as well as do what make me happy. "It's your life, live it how you want but remember change starts with you." I'll never forget those words as my mom smiled to me.

  • Kathy Sowers
    Kathy Sowers5 muaj më parë

    You're right about "by the grace of God." What you thought would be "the main thing" success had to fall away for "the true main thing" to come into being, and the true main thing is playing an important part in moving a nation toward healing. If we don't face the wounding, healing cannot happen. Thank you for your courage and honesty. Your conversations sometimes make me wince, but they are needed. I can't join in the healing process if I don't "get it."

  • Emily DeRoest
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  • Une Chanteuse Noire - Rae-Myra Hilliard
    Une Chanteuse Noire - Rae-Myra Hilliard5 muaj më parë

    I tell my students that failure should be something you learn from and thereby becomes a stepping stone to success. Mind you there are typically no less than 5 times as many failures as successes. Love what you do Emmanuel Acho. I appreciate all of your failures.

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    @Une Chanteuse Noire - Rae-Myra Hilliard thank you so much for the kind words and how long have you been a fan.

  • Une Chanteuse Noire - Rae-Myra Hilliard

    Une Chanteuse Noire - Rae-Myra Hilliard

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  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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  • AnnAnonyme
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    I'm a teacher. My favourite failure was not getting hired in the city where I lived. Instead, I had to move to a new city, where I made some great friends, and where I now teach at a super fun arts school.

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  • Jacqueline Cills
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    My favorite failure was having my daughters as a teenager and having to look for a job! Because of that, I got my GED earlier instead of graduating when I was suppose to. I remember that I was told by many family members that I would not be anything or anyone after that, however, I then went on to be employed as a Police Officer for twenty-two years before retiring. I had several struggles through the years, but was able to obtain an AA degree in Police Science and a BA degree in Business Administration. Yes, Emmanuel, many only see your failures, however, as we say in the islands-“In life, it isn’t how you get knock down (failures). It is you picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, then putting one foot in front of the other.” Stay strong my brother. You are doing an awesome job!

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Hello love, thanks for being a fan, I got attracted by your like and comments, I really want to appreciate you for being a fan. I hope you keep supporting and showing me love

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  • Andrew Webster
    Andrew Webster5 muaj më parë

    Aspiring to be Hall of Fame is an inspirational goal, but you are inspiring and educating in such a meaningful way that you are so uniquely capable of now. Your resiliency is also inspirational. Thanks for all you do. My favourite failures have been those where I’ve had witnesses that were kind enough to share what led to the failures, and how I can improve.

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