Behind The Scenes: UCWABM - Episode 3 w/ Chip & Joanna Gaines

In the Behind the Scenes of episode 3, you'll hear "How Chip & Joanna got here" & how their youngest son, Crew, thought the studio was a playground!


  • Daivd Xiong
    Daivd Xiong4 muaj më parë

    Just WOW! I just want to say that I love hearing your approach and answers to the questions.

  • Quin E
    Quin E5 muaj më parë

    I really hope that people will take this into their daily lives believe he would make a difference for his relationship with the races. They have all different type of people in my life and I have been good to me and I think God for that. But those that have a struggle have to be willing to push themselves and learn that we all the same I want to same thing set alive which is happiness for yourself and for your family and for the world.

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  • Bruce Bruce
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    Such a beautiful family, I'm so please that this episode was so enlightening. Cheers!

  • D-Nugget
    D-Nugget8 muaj më parë

    to hear white people saying things like this is so hopeful

  • Sheri Lynn Pontillo
    Sheri Lynn Pontillo9 muaj më parë

    Would love to see you talk to a variety of white police officers from different places and backgrounds...

    LVIN BST LIF9 muaj më parë

    I have always viewed Chip and Joanna Gaines as "good people!" I'm proud of their example as a couple and the seriousness they show for their roles as parents. Are they perfect?...of course not, none of us are. But they demonstrate qualities we all should work to develop. Acceptance, appreciation, respect, support for one another and understanding. These are some of the ingredients that will make racial conversations less and less uncomfortable over time.

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    Democrats=Slavery= murdering blacks Democrats=KKK=murdering blacks Democrats=Margaret Sanger=millions of blacks babies murdered Democrats=Jim Crow laws=murdering blacks Democrats= voted Against civil rights laws Democrats=LBJ= Great Society laws decimating the black communities. Democrats= white supremacists Democrats= racism Democrats= Clinton/BIDEN/Pelosi 1994 crime laws putting droves of black men in prison. Democrats=leftist socialist/communist/ marxist ideology Democrats=MSM=spread lies and proganda that blacks are in danger in the US. Democrats=panders to blacks for a vote=uses blacks= after vote forgets about them. Democrats=uses fear, chaos, division, anarchy, abuse, and lies! DEMOCRATS DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYBODY LET ALONE BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

  • sadatkb
    sadatkb9 muaj më parë

    White people don’t know the difference between being African and Black

  • franciet
    franciet10 muaj më parë

    I noticed some comments that are judgmental. “Go deeper, get “real” people, not actors.” Watching the more recent the videos I can see they are getting a bit deeper but the videos continue to have people that have been in the spotlight. But before we offer criticism, maybe we need to look at ourselves. Are we having REAL conversations? This is a way to start being REAL. It’s really up to US to have REAL conversations.

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  • Virginia Young
    Virginia Young10 muaj më parë

    I first heard this conversation on NPR and I wanted to hear it again. Searching for Emanuel Acho I found it. I love it. I am inspired!

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    Democrats=Slavery= murdering blacks Democrats=KKK=murdering blacks Democrats=Margaret Sanger=millions of blacks babies murdered Democrats=Jim Crow laws=murdering blacks Democrats= voted Against civil rights laws Democrats=LBJ= Great Society laws decimating the black communities. Democrats= white supremacists Democrats= racism Democrats= Clinton/BIDEN/Pelosi 1994 crime laws putting droves of black men in prison. Democrats=leftist socialist/communist/ marxist ideology Democrats=MSM=spread lies and proganda that blacks are in danger in the US. Democrats=panders to blacks for a vote=uses blacks= after vote forgets about them. Democrats=uses fear, chaos, division, anarchy, abuse, and lies! DEMOCRATS DO NOT CARE ABOUT ANYBODY LET ALONE BLACK PEOPLE!!!!

  • Rich Baraka
    Rich Baraka10 muaj më parë

    Awesome episode!

  • Alicia Markoe
    Alicia Markoe10 muaj më parë

    Thank you ♥️

    MHEL’Z VLOG UK10 muaj më parë

    Hi bro watching here from uk! It’s to watched this video! Keep sharing ! And hope to see u around again!

  • Kathy Butler
    Kathy Butler10 muaj më parë

    Thank you Emmanuel for this wonderful series. MORE please. This is so helpful and educational. I want to understand and learn how to be a better kinder person.

  • Maytheforce Bewithyou
    Maytheforce Bewithyou10 muaj më parë

    As a first generation American born in Eugene, my mind was a lot more open to understanding unfair system and struggles blacks historically were facing and the pursuit of everyone living with equality. Racism from McGovern, Nixon and white men not wanting equality. Sports and entertainment, Kareem and Sammy Davis, OJ in Hertz ads, our local Oregon Ducks games the mom of Sugar Ray famous for "go Sugar" made it fun. When I was growing up, the heros I had were the civil rights activists, and Julia, the nurse. I had both Julia and Brad barbie dolls. And I did not like the white version because that was not a positive realistic role model to aim for, but Diane Cannon, she had dignity in the life she led and power, income and beauty and brains. I loved the independence and intelligence and freedom to be honest and true to yourself that Billie Holliday and Ella Fitzgerald represented, and wanted to become Diana Ross when I grew up, and just love Dionne Warwick, and all the amazing music from black bands and black culture. So many actors on tv and in films were inspiring me every day, Flip Wilson, Richard Pryor, shows were so good like the mod squad and that no lines, blended, inclusive portrayl is how I wanted things to go. I was angry and scared for those facing racism and oppression, but I had the amazing voices in my mind of Mandella, Tutu, Sydney Poitier, who were all immpeccable human beings looking for the ways of justice prevailing, and I can probably list 1,000 or more black leaders and famous role models from here. For the 70s african americans, with their endless amounts of style and smile, the big afros, the black power movement was a great shift. i could feel how deserving of the same rights and treatment they were and it was so good to have so much positive black presence, surrounding us bands like the Isley Bros, Sly, Funkadelic, TOP, EWF, Commodores and then of course heart strings went out to the incredible Ray and Stevie. Its so good to watch Aretha's documentary on travelling to the south having to experience the separate and prejudice unlike she'd known. Sam Còok's dignity and powerful rise as a rights leader and the murdering of him arranged by white men in power, FBI and the road to police brutality. So I am devistated to think how that must have been. The Airmen being ignored, the NASA mathmeticians black and female, as portrayed in the film. I can't think of a negative black example that isn't actually an african dictator oppressing their country or a pimp, but thats a product of white oppression. Famous athletes aside, and musicians there are surgeons and enrtepreneures and no end to the genius in all of them, to live under the pressure of oppression, the stress, the burden and injustice instead of love and equality and acceptance, honor and dignity and affirmation of such strength and beauty. So be proud oh my, be so proud. This is not ok, the white supremists inside the police force, those who have an agenda. I remember not feeling safe to ride with my co-worker outside of New Orleans, just knowing a Louisiana Sheriff could stop us for being a white woman and a black man together and we would have no protection against the Sheriff's intentions to stop being harmed. That was the most scared my friend who grew up fearing police and constant brutality and physical threats had been. We flew out from Los Angeles these 2 college educated young jazz lovers who were working at Capital Records in early 90s with no real lines of differences felt between us, but to have the deep chilling awareness in the south, that is what I have yearned to see changed, finally gone from the deep south and from every corner of this country and our earth. Thanks, we should have rotating every day year long a constant celebration of black figures in the USA from Harriett Tubman to yourself. Everyday hold up black culture, and history, keep it dialoging and be seen until there is no longer us-them in people's eyes. Keep lifting up.

  • LaShawn
    LaShawn10 muaj më parë

    Checking in from the DMV

  • Faye Gourlie
    Faye Gourlie10 muaj më parë

    Emmanuel thank you for leading off/ hosting this wonderful Discussion.. Its SO needed, and you do it so well!

  • Brazen Wayfinder
    Brazen Wayfinder10 muaj më parë

    This series has helped me incredibly with uncomfortable conversations with my family. I am so thankful for these videos.

  • Nik Hamby
    Nik Hamby10 muaj më parë

    Saw your conversations, wrote a song.

  • Cinda Lee
    Cinda Lee10 muaj më parë

    I love your conversational style and platform. I’m so much more willing to listen, hear, and discuss your message than any “message” conveyed by rioters or looters. Thank you! Perhaps it is not appropriate now, but some ideas for more difficult conversations would be what assumptions blacks sometime have about whites that create more division or perhaps why whites are sometimes offended or dislike diversity programs, etc. Not so much a discussion as to whether they are good or helpful, but transparency about what/how whites and blacks feel about them across various socioeconomic classes.

  • Susan Gaeta
    Susan Gaeta10 muaj më parë

    The first episode made it clear that this series is directed at white people. Joanna Gaines is not white and is not black. Having her as a guest felt like a backhand slap (maybe unintentionally) because it does not honor who she is - the daughter of a korean mother and a lebanese/german father. To fully see each other and not be colorblind these identities need to be acknowledged as well.

  • Paula S. Lee
    Paula S. Lee10 muaj më parë

    Thank you for making this a safe place for people to talk and get understanding. Thank you for not attacking but educating and challenging what we see or take for granted. Where do we post questions?

  • Kyleliz
    Kyleliz10 muaj më parë

    Hello Emmanuel, I'm writing to tell you you're a blessing! Like so many white people, racism and police brutality has not been on my mind until recent events. If I'd been asked what I thought about racism, I'd have thought about my experiences living in Detroit from junior high through college. I'd have said "diverse" was not a word that was used as I was growing up -- I'm about to turn 64. I'd have said I lived in the part of the city, northwest, where the house we inherited was located, and where I later learned many police and firemen lived. (Later, yes, I learned that was because they were required to live in the city, so they chose the whitest part). I'd have grimaced as I said that living in Detroit did not mean that I was more aware, progressive, "woke" than anyone else because black and whites, in my experience, weren't part of the same social groups in school. And then I'd have smiled, and said, until I went to community college! There, I was in night classes for 2 years with black men and women in their 40s and up, and I was 22. I was usually the only white person. I was in denial about a LOT -- for example, I wondered if my classmates would accept me because of my age. That was the difference that made me most uncomfortable. I considered them to be my elders, and wasn't sure of myself. At the end of one particular class in sociology, we were having a small celebration, and several of my classmates thanked *me* for being so accepting of *them*. I don't know what I said, only that I was standing next to a desk and I gripped it as hard as I could to stop myself from crying the tears that came to my eyes. I'll never forget how I felt. I got it, then. I got that it wasn't only age that could have acted as a barrier between my classmates and I. It was black and white, something no one ever talked about, but which was always there. And it shamed me. Fast forward to now, I've been living in SE Ohio for 20+ years working as an academic advisor. This area is anything but "diverse". When I first got here in 1994, I worked with international students and that led to working with different student organizations. I remember a conversation I had with a group of black and international students, we were talking about how difficult it was to bring international students together with the other students on campus. One of the black students asked me why students from Africa weren't interested in connecting with American black students. I said I thought it was a cultural barrier more than anything else. Then a light came on, and I asked that student, who was from Cleveland, if he thought that blacks and whites had different cultures. He said he'd never thought about it, but.....yes! We came up with all kinds of things that could represent our "cultures". It gave me some insight into why white people need to be comfortable with ambiguity, for example, when reaching out to black people to listen -- which is what I think needs to happen as a first step to healing. Just recently I wrote a comment to a ALthe creator who had done a video concerning George Floyd and the protests: " What you say, that the officer hardened and drilled down when his actions were called into question -- I believe that he identifies so much with the role of police officer, and identifies with that role in such an inflexible way, he was convinced he had to save face in order to uphold what he believed his role was, and became less than human. And the bystanders, police and others. Is it just the bystander effect? That no one did anything because surely someone else would? Don't people pull out their phones and call 911 at the drop of a hat? To feel useful, to be a good citizen, to try to save others from harm? Then WTF? After I'd seen the video a few times, and the quality of the video kept improving so that I could see more clearly how horrifically George Floyd's life ended, I was absolutely convinced that if I had been in that crowd, I would have walked over to the officer to put my hand on his shoulder. In my fantasy, I would have been stopped by the other officers before I could do so, and that would have given me the chance to break the spell and tell them that I was going to stop this if they didn't, right now. But that's my white privilege speaking, isn't it? That I think I'd be "safe" to do something like that! And this is the other side of this heartbreaking event. That the bystanders, the policemen, the people who were *right there* were unable -- because of the layers and layers of systemic "isms" that have resulted in impenetrable barriers --- to save George Floyd's life." Keep going, Emmanuel! We need to *hear* you giving us a point of view that allows us to own our inbred racism, our privilege, and our responsibility.

  • Patty Brown
    Patty Brown10 muaj më parë

    I appreciate the conversation & think it's a brilliant idea. My only issue is that when the question was asked- are you afraid of white people- I didn't like the response that electricity & water if they mix it could be a bad outcome. (I'm paraphrasing this) i dont believe this is true for all black and white people. As humans, regardless of race. we have to be able to "mix", get along with each other & love one another. The bible says love your neighbor as you love yourself. So, there's nothing to be fearful of. We need to do a better job on getting to know our neighbors and loving one another. ❤💯

  • LaToya Superville
    LaToya Superville10 muaj më parë

    I would love if you could get Hasan Minhaj to join you for a conversation. There's an uncomfortable conversation I would love you two to have about biases within communities of color.

  • MoonChylde
    MoonChylde10 muaj më parë

    While I really love this idea and support it most definitely. But I don't feel you are having difficult conversations with a Black Man. I believe there are a lot of Passive questions with soft answers. There are real questions that are not being asked. Real conversations that would be difficult to have, that are not being had. I love the respect that each person is showing the other and the peacefulness of it all, which proves we can have difficult conversations without the drama and anger, but there should be deeper questions with more honest answers. If you want to touch the world with real truth. Have real questions and deeper conversations. I would love to be there and ask you some questions or just have you address them. #BlackLivesMatter Lets not be afraid to really talk

  • Jes O
    Jes O10 muaj më parë

    Great videos, I love this series. I do have a concern. I think the editing in the interviews makes it look like the guests are cutting him off. Unless they actually are cutting him off, which is disrespectful. They sound like a TV host trying to get to the next commercial break when they interrupt just to switch topics.

  • Martha Rivera
    Martha Rivera10 muaj më parë

    Love the Gaines family but one thing I always wondered when watching there shows was don’t they know any people of color. I have been to Waco to there business and did not see any people of color working I’m the store.. maybe that could be something they can change

  • Joyce Reed
    Joyce Reed10 muaj më parë

    Thank you for taking the time to address this. I am a grandparent of 2 bi-racial children. How do I help them?

  • Kelly Doak
    Kelly Doak10 muaj më parë

    I'd love to see this with more "normal" (not famous) people. I shared these videos on Twitter, and hope they get shared far and wide. Hit me up if you want a white woman who grew up in Austin (and slew of other places) to get out of my comfort zone to do this.

  • Centennial
    Centennial10 muaj më parë

    I am curious though, the mom isn't white. Yall didn't talk about that.

  • angel wlliams
    angel wlliams10 muaj më parë

    Thank you so much for helping us to learn, I truly thank you.

  • N Williams
    N Williams10 muaj më parë

    I absolutely love chip and Joanna! So glad their with the fight for equality ✊🏾🙌🏾❤

  • Cheryl Morrison
    Cheryl Morrison10 muaj më parë

    Do more!! They don't come often enough for me!! I am really loving what you are doing! I am trying to educate myself, to help be a better person, and human being! So thank you for helping me with that!!

  • vinsont
    vinsont10 muaj më parë

    I saw a video about the history of the traveling stage show that created the term 'Jim Crow' The first thing that hit me was how it was possible as a 50 year old man I had never heard the story before. And the second thing that hit me was "Oh, this is why 'black face' is so offensive" I would suggest you expand on this story because if I was never taught this there must be millions of other's that have not as well. Keep up the good work.

  • mkmoor04
    mkmoor0410 muaj më parë

    This is an awesome initiative. So many white folks don't have a lot of insight outside of their bubbles, which is unfortunately a lot of the problem. White people tend to not have the full picture of the American black experience due to living in predominantly white neighborhoods (thank you redlining and segregation) or know enough about the history of this country as it's been whitewashed and romanticized so much. This glorified yet false history is what is taught in schools so the lack of understanding is perpetuated generation to generation. Thank god for video phones, for google, for youtube, and for the concept of "going viral" bringing a lot of the systemic racism to light and giving voice to the voiceless. Thank you for doing this with a level of grace, patience, and understanding too. We need more people like you!

  • Matt Wood
    Matt Wood10 muaj më parë

    So... no social distancing and no masks... filmed in Texas. I do, however see the film crew with masks on every now and then. I would hate to see Emmanuel or any of these other folks get sick (or worse). Stay safe. These are important conversations.

  • Ness C
    Ness C10 muaj më parë

    Wow....this amazing human is what the WORLD needs right now. 52 years ago my white Mother married my black Father because of LOVE💖My family are all colours and proud...lets make conversations count🤗🖤🤍🤎💛❤

  • tnjang
    tnjang10 muaj më parë

    I love that many people maybe thought of doing this but you did it. You have the platform to engage people and a unique voice that will have a unique influence. You walked in with an idea of how you would like this voice to be used and I dare say listen to the positive voices but focus on the HS and what the HS says you should do. Everyone has ideas but at the end only you know how to use what you’ve been given. Love this! Love what you are doing! And excited to see the near term and long term effects of you walking in what you were born to do 👌🏾

  • Bruce Peterson
    Bruce Peterson10 muaj më parë

    This series is incredible. A Frank and honest discussion about racial issues is completely needed right now. Outstanding!

  • Melanie Calloway
    Melanie Calloway10 muaj më parë

    I like the concept, but you're playing it way too safe. Ask probing questions: have you ever used the n-word and why? How do you feel when you pass a Black man on a dark street at night? How do you feel about your Black boss, neighbor, in-law? What makes you uncomfortable right now sitting with me? Come on. Get better writers if the show will remain scripted.

  • Tina Giordanella
    Tina Giordanella10 muaj më parë

    I love what you're doing, but I would just like to make a suggestion. Can you please bring on other people of colour as well? Asians, Indians, Aboriginals/Indigenous people, Mexicans, Spanish people, Puerto Ricans, etc. Even black people of different cultural backgrounds would be really cool to see. Maybe even do a panel where you have people of different backgrounds answering questions, having an open and honest dialogue, and even just candidly talking about their personal experiences living in their own skin.

  • chelsm89
    chelsm8910 muaj më parë

    I absolutely love what this series provides for its audience but I can’t help but focus on all the close interactions you’re having with staff and guests without ANY masks. 🙈

  • Terri Campbell
    Terri Campbell10 muaj më parë

    Thank YOU! God Bless You! PTL

  • Tina Brown
    Tina Brown10 muaj më parë

    Hello! I absolutely love that you said NOT to be color blind! I have said for years...I SEE COLOR....JUST LIKE I SEE YOUR EYES ARE BROWN AMD MINE ARE GREEN ....OR LIKE I SEE IM HEAVY AND YOUR NOT....ITS OK TO SEE IT BECAUSE UNTIL WE SEE THE DIFFERENCES AND UNDERSTAND THEM WE CANT EMBRACE THEM! embracing the differences is the first step in saying "yes we are different...but, it doesn't matter..we are all 1 race.....human" Love your work! Push are the hope of the future....and if your ever in NJ my 15, 21 year olds and myself would live to have "An Uncomfortable Conversation With A Black Man"

  • Brogetto RDX
    Brogetto RDX10 muaj më parë

    I didn't know her chicken ass was on here

  • Lawrence Lang
    Lawrence Lang10 muaj më parë

    Young Man I appreciate you for coming up with this video it speaks volume about race and culture keep it going.

  • K Ficker
    K Ficker10 muaj më parë

    Please talk about the first "transitional" years of public education. Late 60s through late 70s. Looking back the "vision board" was not clear. With your Voice and your 20/20 Vision, Victory is near!

  • Schooling Diana
    Schooling Diana10 muaj më parë

    Is this wise with the massive outbreak in Texas???

  • Adrienne McCue
    Adrienne McCue10 muaj më parë

    I can see since he lives in Austin we are going to see a lot of locals celebs on this programming. Looking forward to it!

  • Ann Young
    Ann Young10 muaj më parë

    Star's Spangled Banner should not be Song in Schools because of the third Verse To Racist

  • Elizabeth Kelly
    Elizabeth Kelly10 muaj më parë

    We need to get to the root of these issues. I lost a job that I was in line for so they could hire a black person. To fill their quota as a company so it wasn’t all white. They told me to my face that was why they picked her. Is that fair? Is that right? That’s how all these bad feelings get started. I honestly just don’t see this ever getting better. It’s too big. And goes too deep. And the older white men have control over this country. Just like me too. Women got fed up. Go deeper.

  • daylight5500
    daylight550010 muaj më parë

    speak to people at the bottom of the hill

  • Kay Boeger
    Kay Boeger10 muaj më parë

    You're hitting it out of the park with these videos. They are exactly what we (white folks) need to hear! Like so many, I don't think I'm racist, don't want to be racist, but I understand that I don't understand what it is to be black in this country. Thank you so much for creating a safe place where we can have honest conversations. You're phenomenal!

  • Quinn T
    Quinn T10 muaj më parë

    Great series, I've been loving it so much

  • Sil 33
    Sil 3310 muaj më parë


  • Adaobi
    Adaobi10 muaj më parë

    Love the Gaines family!

  • M M
    M M10 muaj më parë

    I'm amazed how people can turn the simple into complex or "uncomfortable." I guess it's too easy just to treat each other with respect. There always seems to be a protocol that you just follow in order to "do better" or understand. MLK preached accountability, responsibility, respect and considering people based on their character; not complex, not uncomfortable. Although you mean well, using "uncomfortable" to characterize discourse is presumptive and condescending.

  • Hualani
    Hualani10 muaj më parë

    Enjoyed that episode. I'd like to see Asians community members have uncomfortable conversation with a black man, maybe AAPIs who've been targeted since CoVId19 and wondering how to 1) survive in racist communities 2) support instrumental systemic change for BLM in America.Since I dont live there, I've no idea who any of these people are(? Local celebrities?) hopefully you don't have to be American celebrity to engage or be on those episodes.

  • K Rae
    K Rae10 muaj më parë

    Thank you for taking the time and energy to create these. Definitely looking out for Episode 4. I thank you and I want to be uncomfortable.

  • NKids42
    NKids4210 muaj më parë

    love this... This is the reality its a pinch of humor !! Enjoy ! Racism, Solved!!

  • Just one Tree
    Just one Tree10 muaj më parë

    I wish you would have asked them whether or not they’ve change stances on LGBTQ rights. Black Trans Lives Matter.

    REDISCOVERING ME10 muaj më parë

    Please have a working professionals roundtable so they can discuss racial biases in the office!! I'd love to see that discussion since most of us average everyday people do actually have to work with others who may have stereotypical biases that they may be unaware of, and if they are aware let's tell them how inappropriate or offensive their behavior is. I LOVE THIS SO THANK YOU FOR DOING THIS!

  • Sarah McCoy
    Sarah McCoy10 muaj më parë

    Would it be possible to have former University of Texas football player Nate Boyer and present University of Texas football player Brennan Eagles on your program. It might make for an uncomfortable, but interesting conversation.

  • Andy H
    Andy H10 muaj më parë

    As a white male who has never experienced racism and has enjoyed privilege throughout my life, I'm committed to being a part of the conversation AND being a part of the solution. I agree with Bakari Sellers who said you are either racist or anti-racist. There is no middle ground. I've been living in the middle ground for too long. NO MORE.

  • babeage
    babeage10 muaj më parë

    As this is a "behind the scenes" take on things, I am extremely curious as to what safety precautions you're taking for your crew, guests and yourself? I live in NYC, so masks are basically a requirement. I am not trying to start a political argument over mask wearing, but as a union member in the entertainment industry, just wondering what your protocol has been. Would love to start filming again, but having had friends pass from COVID (over 20) and knowing others who have contracted serious to mild cases of it, sharing your safety measures could help save lives and, as I stated earlier, get us back to filming. Congratulations on the series. Hope you'll discuss economic inequality, access to quality healthcare and how that plays into systemic and systematic racism as well. So much to unpack. Doing what I can do to further the conversation as well. Stay Strong!

  • James Pendarvis
    James Pendarvis10 muaj më parë

    I will state it again, these are not conversations - a conversation is 2 ways. These are all one way on what white people can do to improve - this is a lecture. A true conversation would be a give and take....not just a give.

  • Clint Parsons
    Clint Parsons10 muaj më parë

    This dude is so hot, it should be illegal.

  • Clint Parsons

    Clint Parsons

    10 muaj më parë

    Nah. I don't think he's an actor.

  • Yang April
    Yang April10 muaj më parë

    You did a good job. But I have a question for you. Do you have any uncomfortable conversations with an Asian man? Or reverse it, does any Asians have any uncomfortable conversations with a Black Man?

  • Ajsel Dis
    Ajsel Dis10 muaj më parë

    I love this ....I hope that more people see this and learn from it.

  • Kayla Mackelprang
    Kayla Mackelprang10 muaj më parë

    Hey Emmanuel, I would really like to ask you a few questions. How do I contact you? (you can reach me via IG @ TheYarnMage)

  • Kari Ann Stickle
    Kari Ann Stickle10 muaj më parë

    All that the other commenters have said is wonderful. I just wanted to pop in to say that I loved seeing the baby bouncing around. He’s being raised on set of a discussion about race in America. Those kids are gonna do great

  • Joshua Morden
    Joshua Morden10 muaj më parë

    So Good. Thank You for having these conversations.

  • Jerry Martinez
    Jerry Martinez10 muaj më parë

    Emmanuel, first, I love your videos. very impactful. We actually brought up your series during one of our corporate meetings yesterday. I would love to see an episode with you and Colin Kaepernick, who has been silent lately.

  • Stephen Clayton Jr
    Stephen Clayton Jr10 muaj më parë

    Thank you for what you are doing!!! There have been some questions answered and insight gained. I do have some questions, 1. In the hiring example, you talked about the person with a black sounding name wouldn't get the job, sadly I don't doubt that happens even though there's laws against it however, is that "systemic racism" (company policy) or the individial responsible for doing that job? Acknowledging that there are "systems" that were established (and haven't been fixed) we can't slap the "systemic racism" card down on everything. I don't want to see the only solution "achieved" be renaming or knocking down inanimate objects as a knee-jerk reaction because it helps someone feel good. 2. "I don't see color", you explained that erases heritage, culture, differences, etc and those things should be celebrated/embraced. I 100 percent agree and believe most that use that expression are referring to using content of character while embracing and learning about differences. 3. Adding the "for a black guy/girl" or "you don't talk/dress black", that's always bothered me too. However, in my experience (observation) for the talk/dress remark is being said by another black person more often. Again, Thank you Emmanuel for what you are doing!!!! I hope more and more people are referred to your channel and people are inspired to do what you're doing at their kitchen tables, neighborhoods, communities, etc.

  • Heather Mac
    Heather Mac10 muaj më parë

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    Elizabeth Anne10 muaj më parë

    I have a question. I have a friend who is half black and uses racial slurs in a self deprecating manner and in contexts that display her willingness to capitulate to the majority white and pretty racist area she grew up in. I feel like it is absolutely NOT my place to police her verbiage as a POC. But it is hard to hear her say in a room where she is the only POC (she was adopted into a white family) “Oh I know my birth mom was a f***ing n****r. It’s not used colloquially with her. It used to placate these people around her. She and I have only known each other for a year. What can I do respectfully in this case?

  • Zezeee Betaa
    Zezeee Betaa10 muaj më parë

    Sart attending inclusive churches, sending your children to inclusive schools, live in inclusive neighborhoods, have more dark skinned FRIENDS in your circle, be tolerant of each other's differences change your 🌎

  • Hollis2Hollywood
    Hollis2Hollywood10 muaj më parë

    As a black man, I SHOULD be more intrigued by the dialogue but the whole time, in the back of my head, I just kept hoping they said they were bringing back Fixer Upper lol

  • Patrice Chambers

    Patrice Chambers

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  • Jo-Ann Stephens

    Jo-Ann Stephens

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    It's just a different type of Fixer Upper, the real kind, the most needed kind.

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  • Christine Barger
    Christine Barger10 muaj më parë

    I have a question: Much of family have strong opinions about why protesting shouldn’t be happening, that they will not remove their confederate flags, all lives matter, black people wouldn’t get killed by cops if they didn’t do anything wrong to begin with and so on. I have been having many Facebook “discussions” about these things trying to speak from the heart, share facts, etc but they just get more and more angry. It feels like I’m talking to a wall. It’s gotten so hatefilled in my comments that many friends have sent me messages saying not to waste my time, I should choose new friends (referring to my family members), and so on. What’s the best way to get through to them? How should I respond to those helpful friends that think I should give up? Should I give up?

  • Melanie Reddrick

    Melanie Reddrick

    10 muaj më parë

    Thank you for your heart!! Not sure if you are a woman of faith, but praying for them is powerful. God can get through when we can't. And love them- don't let your heart grow cold. Never give up! Love from NC.

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  • Chanel5
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    Please talk about systematic racism. Give examples on different levels to show it affects most blacks people. Oprah in the purse shop years ago ???? Ok slavery is over, but they still wanna know what is systematic racism?

  • Chanel5


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  • Chanel5
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    I am telling you your conversations are only going to impress the masses which are a bunch of uneducated or at best sociologically educated goons. If you want real Change Emmanual cut the awful ambiance music, the content is enough to carry it. Make them an hour long with no cuts and actually talk to people that will break down and understand what you are saying whether or not they critique it positively or negatively. This is basically a soft interrogation with clearly scripted moments like with the kids asking questions well beyond their comprehensive age and let it be raw based on stats and knowledge rather than 60 second surface level arguments then cutaway to the next conversation. Like what is the point of this other than for clicks,views and validations of beliefs without challenges? This is basically a buzzfeed video pretending to be educational. this is called Uncomfortable conversations with a black man, so make it that way, not black man tells us how we should think and celebrity guess also tells us how we should think and move on. Look for scholars and celebrities who do a little more than read twitter for their politics. Unless you are a propagandist then ignore everything I said and have fun with your show I guess but and opinion or fact is only worth having if people can have open, unedited critique and it still holds up.

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  • Gary Marshall

    Gary Marshall

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    He literally stated he is more cautious around people because of the color of someone's skin. He hold his own personal bias against white people. So he can not stay objective or keep his own believes out of the equation. He not stating facts, he is stating options. So useless once again on our public discourse. Cause facts are answers. Feeling is what we do about the facts presented before us.

  • Zippidis X

    Zippidis X

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    @Joshua Morden because this is extremely easy surface level bs conversation that is only uncomfortable to children. this isn't more than people validating themselves in a scripted moment which is disappointing. especially since the video is called uncomfortable conversations, people assume that means in depth and hard to take in topics, not a buzzfeed video.

  • Joshua Morden

    Joshua Morden

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    Zippidis X

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  • Darin Hill
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    Do I have hope for the future? I do. It's because of videos like this and the promise that is possible if we listen to each other. Thank you for this. It's only uncomfortable because we've been insulated from the voices of those we chose not to hear.

  • Dredsyn
    Dredsyn10 muaj më parë

    I find your videos to be inspiring and methodical. I suppose my question stems from a place or origin. I am a White male who immigrated into the United States (first generation); never once has skin color ever played a negative factor in my upbringing-until I came to America. Ironically, (times I recall); the only instances I truly remember racism, directed itself toward me. My heritage and my ancestors NEVER had anything to do with Slavery or any corruption in any capacity. Should I feel guilty for just being a White male in America? Should I feel ashamed for wanting justice for the tainting of my family name?



    10 muaj më parë

    @Azure Gleam Okay, I see. With the exception of white privilege in upper management of corporations, and less police encounters can you provide other common occurrences happening as of today that supports privileges toward the white male that cannot be applied toward black males? Serious question.

  • Azure Gleam

    Azure Gleam

    10 muaj më parë

    You absolutely do not need to feel guilty. However, you do need to recognize that as a white male in America, you have privileges that black people do not. And if you want to be an ally, you have to actively check your privileges and help in whatever way you can to balance the playing field

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