Barack Obama Answers Emmanuel Acho: How to Cure Racism

It's not everyday you personally hear from President Barack Obama!! I asked him one question, and we should all listen to his answer!


  • Katie MacDonald
    Katie MacDonald3 ditë më parë

    I’m gonna do better as a white person

  • Wendy Low-Kwok
    Wendy Low-Kwok3 ditë më parë

    how about an uncomfortable conversation about black on Asian hate crimes?

  • John H
    John H6 ditë më parë

    Obama is great, but I have two points of contention. 1. He defines racism as "fear of those who are not like us". That is not racism. Racism is the thought that particular race is superior to another. Fear of the other is xenophobia. 2. Obama continues to say that if we only hang out and listen to people that talk, act, joke, etc like us then we will never come together. This again supports that Obama is talking about xenophobia, and not racism. Humans are naturally xenophobic its a survival instinct older than primates. There is no overcoming it. The way to get around it is you spend time with one another and slowly you start listening to the same music, talking, joking, etc with each other.

  • Daniel
    Daniel7 ditë më parë

    Here is Morgan Freeman on how to "cure" racism

  • alsadiyarto
    alsadiyarto8 ditë më parë

    When are you going to talk about black people attacking asian people?

  • Joseph Sedillo
    Joseph Sedillo10 ditë më parë


  • Abel Tesfaye
    Abel Tesfaye11 ditë më parë

    Please have a conversation with Jane Elliot!!

  • C Johnson
    C Johnson11 ditë më parë

    What you do is you take 10 at risk 13-15 year olds and you get 10 learned the hard way and changed my life around 16-18 year olds and you bring them together for a talk with no time limit. The older kids explain what set them up to fail and how they turned their life around. Plus how long it took. Then give the young a chance to ask questions etc. ..... BTW separating the races to cure racism won't work. All the different cultures always say, "they take care of their own." They don't need a black or white person teaching them about race. then they take off and nothing happens to fix anything. This has gone on in the States for 155 years. The only way to bring change is to convince the cultures to come together and work this out. A plan worthy of following they all can agree too from teaching their children that racism is wrong, to not allowing it on the job, streets, home or in church. Consistency is what we need now. Everyone on the same page saying the same thing. Everyone teaching and saying the same thoughts and lessons to families, and neighbors. The way I see it is you need a future date and time to bring the cultures together. I am thinking maybe a summer date and time or late spring? Give it a snazzy name that even the teens today won't mind speaking/mentioning plus the snazzy name make nice free advertisement to friends family etc. on social media. Go all out on the event treat it like the World Series etc. I would also charge a fee for the event even 5 bucks a person is something people can afford, and if you wait 15 months before having this event it gives everyone time to prepare make signs, images, hype it up, and get over Covid-19 etc. think about it.

  • Ellen Platt
    Ellen Platt12 ditë më parë

    Keep on having these uncomfortable conversations, Emmanuel, you are reaching people everywhere. When President Obama responds, you know people are listening! I know I grew up in an inner city, and it was inherent around me. As an adult, through listening to many black Americans, I am empathetic to your plight, I hear you loud and clear, and I thank you for doing this!

  • Anita in MO
    Anita in MO14 ditë më parë

    I miss President Obama. It was such an honor to vote for him. Black men in the US can learn so much from this wonderful man who is such an awesome father and husband. Thank you President Obama for being an inspiration.

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day15 ditë më parë

    Pushing lies and 1619 project bullshit on kids ?

  • Julie Lavers
    Julie Lavers16 ditë më parë

    We only know what we live. But, as white people we have now, more than ever the opportunity to to ask a lot of questions, broaden our understanding and knowledge of racism. If we don’t at least try to engage in the conversation in hopes of a better understanding, shame on us.

  • Corin Dalton
    Corin Dalton16 ditë më parë

    Emmanuel, I respected you until you did a Lexus commercial. You're just another schill.

  • Sokandueler95
    Sokandueler9517 ditë më parë

    I just found these videos today and can’t get enough. If it can be done, I’d love to see you have a conversation with Morgan Freeman, because he has gone on record many times saying that the cure for racism is basically to ignore it. I know your content is specifically for awkward interracial conversations, but I think your two perspectives would be interesting and potentially constructive if Mr. Freeman would agree to join the talk.

  • Danny1775
    Danny177518 ditë më parë

    This is a test post to see if you block me again.

  • Alicia Markoe
    Alicia Markoe20 ditë më parë

    Thank you 🦋

  • Emily N
    Emily N20 ditë më parë

    The work you do is so important ✨ you're such a light in the world

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    5 ditë më parë

    Thank you for your continuous love and support

  • Philip Onen
    Philip Onen21 ditë më parë

    Racism is a heart issue that is not cured by legislation. Yes one can put up laws to limit the extent to which an individual expresses their heart. I don't agree with is the idea that one could be racist without knowing. That is blackmailing people who are not white to think that they are part of the problem because they are white. I like something president obama mentioned, approaching racism as a history not as indictment on white folks.

  • Holly Goodtree
    Holly Goodtree22 ditë më parë

    Barack Obama was the president for EIGHT years and had ZERO solutions. In fact, BLM was created WHILE he was president because of his inability as a BLACK man to discuss race in an honest and productive manner, now he has solutions? It is taking every fiber of my being not to curse him and his family to damnation because of this stupid video. I say that as a Nigerian woman who believes curses actually work.

  • IzarFamilyTravels
    IzarFamilyTravels22 ditë më parë

    If truly you want to have a conversation, have President Trump, Candace Owen, Brandon Tatum and Andew Ngo in your channel.

  • Nichele Brown
    Nichele Brown24 ditë më parë

    Barack addresses 😳 racism - should he have done that when he was in the White House? 🤔🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Wyvern Hattori
    Wyvern Hattori25 ditë më parë

    I would find it very interesting what you have to say about Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Do you think it's a step in the right direction? Would really appreciate your thoughts on this series and the representation in it.

  • John Raffin
    John RaffinMuaj më parë

    The stuff you are doing is very important. Every story has impact. I am a 54 year old white guy seriously flawed. Just like everyone matter the color of our skin. Unity is not on the government. It is on all of us.

  • Vanna Jordin
    Vanna JordinMuaj më parë

    Love Barrack, i think Emmanuel is delusional.

  • Cole Fitzpatrick
    Cole FitzpatrickMuaj më parë

    Holy shit, that has to be the best damn feeling in the world when Obama himself answers your questions

  • Zanz Beats
    Zanz BeatsMuaj më parë

    Obama didn't do shit for blacks anyways.

  • Alden Boisrond
    Alden BoisrondMuaj më parë

    Emanuel acho I’d like to come to your show please men I got a lot of things to talk about , because I feel like my voice is not being heard

  • Budz 1369
    Budz 1369Muaj më parë

    Yet Obama picked the most racist VP he could have. This is a literal Joe Biden quote "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,". Don’t say you’re fighting against racism but side with the people that perpetuate it.

  • Troy Adeyemi
    Troy AdeyemiMuaj më parë

    Barack Obama had numerous opportunities to address the issues of inequity and systemic racism. Obama had 8 years and he did nothing for our community. And now we have Biden and Harris who will continue his failed legacy.

  • J Gaffney
    J GaffneyMuaj më parë

    The reason for racism is simple. It is about money and power.

  • My Cluttered Garage
    My Cluttered GarageMuaj më parë

    Love your channel and the conversations. Although my channel is about tractors, I'd love to chat sometime.

  • Steffen Samlal
    Steffen SamlalMuaj më parë

    Did Obama get a divorce I didn’t see the ring?

  • J. Arthur
    J. ArthurMuaj më parë

    thank you so much for these videos you are a hero

  • Chrisst
    ChrisstMuaj më parë

    The touble is that the whites and the cops really think that thery're not racist but they're going to have to do a lot more before the blacks think so. What about if for say five years no black people are arrested. So say a guy runs a red light and the cops pull him over and order him out of the car. If they see he's black then they say. Sorry fella, our mistake. And that would be even if they check his identity and they find he's wanted for robbery or something.

  • Brandon Gomez
    Brandon GomezMuaj më parë


  • v j
    v jMuaj më parë

    Can we agree racism is a mental illness? Especially when Acted upon.

  • Kimberly Allen
    Kimberly AllenMuaj më parë

    Please stop asking black people how to fix this problem. We've said countless times what should be done, now do it.

  • Karim Bhuiyan
    Karim BhuiyanMuaj më parë

    I would like you to do the same and speak to others you don’t agree with in the Black community such as Coleman Huges, John mcwhorter, and Glenn loury

  • Allen Allen
    Allen AllenMuaj më parë

    Obama was President for 8 years and did Nothing to work on Racism. Daca an LGBT he did but Nothing for black people. Funny but Libyans he made slaves over there. Token of White Racism is he is so why fix that. Lol comedy 🤣

  • Angie Carter
    Angie CarterMuaj më parë

    Obama is brilliant man missing you!

  • Charlton Singleton
    Charlton SingletonMuaj më parë

    Why are you asking black people to cure racism? Why do you keep doing this? Why do you keep putting this on black to stop racism?

  • Maria Hyman
    Maria HymanMuaj më parë

    Obama is a disappointment. He hoodwink Black folks and totally against reparations for Blacks but not Jews Signing blue lives bill in the mist of police killing Blacks with impunity has destroyed his legacy.

  • Keegan Nunley
    Keegan NunleyMuaj më parë

    Our problems with bieng included in the human circle is more than what is happening on American soil, Stop African leaders from embarrassing and bringing shame to Africa. A mother's fate and her children's are tied together. Africa is the mother of all African decended people. If she looks like a fool, it makes your whole family look like a fool. This is very closely related to the predicament Jay Z was expressing in his past music video "I'm O.J.

  • Joan Snow
    Joan SnowMuaj më parë

    I actually like, reaching out to folks that are not like me. I always learn from them, but I’m just a ol white woman. Shit, I try to get along with everyone. Conflict, I’d rather do without. Everyone on this planet needs to chill, and do the right thing in our lives. And ffs, someone do something about the fascist cops. I have enjoyed watching your series here, trust me you can teach a old dog new tricks. I’ve been completely ignorant with my time here, I simply had no idea. You’d probably call it white privilege, I’m gonna call it. Not paying attention, lived my life under a rock. I’ve spent more than 30yrs working with all races, and no one said anything. Maybe bc I have treated everyone, the way I wanted to be treated. Idk, but thx for sharing

  • Freddy Franco
    Freddy FrancoMuaj më parë

    Better to ask Thomas Sowell his opinion on Racism am

  • T O
    T OMuaj më parë

    Acho the person I learn best from as I try and mirror his work. Bruce who still sets my heart on fire as a multi-year Jersey Girl and THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER is quite a threesome. Now I know the answer to "if you could have 3 people living or dead at a dinner party, who would it be?" I'll take these three.

  • Patrick Hagan
    Patrick HaganMuaj më parë

    Obama is the new name for communist. He wish he was a third of trump

  • 777
    777Muaj më parë

    This dude crazy

  • doctordrabs
    doctordrabsMuaj më parë

    The problem with this notion is Barrack and his millions of dollars does actually care about racism.

  • lawnmowerman4040
    lawnmowerman4040Muaj më parë

    No one I say NO ONE! Is born racist it is taught and Obama is the biggest pusher of division between Americans next to if you ain’t black Biden! I live in the real world where neighbors of any color are and we don’t think about each other’s color quit pushing bs

  • Ros JJ
    Ros JJMuaj më parë

    The way americans handling race war is too dangerous for itself. U push and push when urself is not even ready and put things under spot light, the whole world is watching you , judging u both black and white color, in both positive and negative ways. I think in the end of the game non of the color will win. It is gonna b a huge tregedy for the entire nation. With BLM dont think the rest of the world r on your side just by listening to your cries. The world only see americans, politics, instabilities, poverties, weakness, divided. Becareful.

  • Mike H
    Mike HMuaj më parë

    If people like Obama and his leftist minions would stop dividing America by race and pitting one race against another, racism would be a hell of a lot less. FYI: before I get the hate - I am white and do not have a racist bone in my body. That is the way I was raised. While growing up, I lived in a mixed neighborhood with lots of different people and I never felt hate to anyone who was different.

  • David Osterberg
    David OsterbergMuaj më parë

    “Turns out I’m really good at killing people. Didn’t know that was gonna be a strong suit of mine.” ---The Bisexual Kenyan Sept 2011

  • Suzette Phinn
    Suzette PhinnMuaj më parë

    I love their podcast

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    4 ditë më parë

    How are you doing today?

  • Suzette Phinn

    Suzette Phinn

    4 ditë më parë

    Since the first video. Intelligent conversations on race issues don't stress me out. I learn something new all the time.

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    5 ditë më parë

    How long have you been a fan

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    5 ditë më parë

    Thank you for your continuous love and support

  • nathaniela miriam
    nathaniela miriamMuaj më parë

    Only in Christ. Not doing to others what is hurtful to you.

  • George Reid
    George ReidMuaj më parë

    Balanced question balanced answer!

  • sulu
    suluMuaj më parë

    Now ask President Trump what the cure for racism is. 😁

  • Greg Frank
    Greg FrankMuaj më parë

    RESPECT is the main ingredient to the cure for Racism. If everyone can start each interaction with that, things can get better. Everything else matters also but it all starts with respect.

  • SueRay DeeJay
    SueRay DeeJayMuaj më parë

    Emmanuel, I have watched several of your uncomfortable conversations and this one is most alarming from the standpoint I believe that President Obama is having a 3rd term even though he is not elected. I believe President Obama is fueling the current narrative for our Un Unified president which seems to be that any white guy comiting any crime gets the full media publicity and when it comes time for a 13 and a 15 year old in Washington DC to car jack and kill and get an instant plea deal where they do not go to prison.... My question for you is, How do you we stop the media from making each and every event about a race narrative? How do we stop Corporatocracy from controlling our Democracy? A bigger question is how can the media stop the burning of our cities if Chavin is found not guilty? Maybe a one on one with VP Harris (sans the inappropriate laughter) and see what she has to say about her path forward as I believe she will be in control before next year.

  • ELISABETH D'AUGEROT Buy Sell Invest With Beth
    ELISABETH D'AUGEROT Buy Sell Invest With BethMuaj më parë

    You are an inspiration Emmanuel, thank you so much for doing this.

  • Michael Tyson
    Michael TysonMuaj më parë

    B O is bought and paid for by them, and the history we're taught are lies and manipulation, and it doesn't take a ex high profile to answer a obvious answer that any sane man with simple wisdom knowledge and discernment,love the Acho brothers, especially Emmanuel on SFY Monday through Friday 👊🏾

  • Thomas Raines
    Thomas RainesMuaj më parë

    Obama has no interest in "curing" racism....he only enjoys stoking the flames.

  • Bontrager Entertainment
    Bontrager EntertainmentMuaj më parë

    This is how you stop this problem! Stop seeing color, which then leads to people talking about color! Watching sports shows, I would gander that there is a lot of racism on TV.

  • Darin Campbell
    Darin CampbellMuaj më parë

    Personally, I don’t necessarily blame white people today for the bullshit racism that their ancestors perpetuated. If they hold on to those ideals today, then they are just as responsible for it! Racism isn’t something that should be passed down. I hope and pray that white folks today see the error of their ancestors ways and condemn that way of thinking. Then, we as a people ( human race) can truly move forward in a positive direction. There is no superior race of people. White people have never actually been superior, despite their flawed nature in assuming that they were. They are simply another race on this earth, with their good and bad qualities! No race is any better than the next! No one is superior and no one is inferior! Simple! Peace.

  • Jayna Wallace
    Jayna WallaceMuaj më parë

    thank you all you do!!!!

  • Oussama BAROUDI
    Oussama BAROUDIMuaj më parë

    stop talking about it

  • John Hansen
    John HansenMuaj më parë

    1. Know you history. 2 Reach out to others not like you. 3. White people don’t feel guilt. How many of these are followed by our discussions on race in our most prominent forums like social media or on the news? History is being erased, rewritten or torn down physically. Not good. Who is advocating for engagement with others, not like you? Finally, who is not saying white people are the cause of all problems in our society. I generally agree with President Obama here. I will add a biblical solution that I’m surprised he didn’t use. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Aside from everything else, this shows how full of shit the racial/anti racist bs we are being fed I’d a bunch of absolute bullshit. If you disagree with me, explain how critical race theory aligns with President Obama’s three factors.

  • Rembert Seaward
    Rembert SeawardMuaj më parë

    One is Nigerian and the other a bi-racial white Kenyan

  • Garfur Aliser
    Garfur AliserMuaj më parë

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  • Linda Martin
    Linda MartinMuaj më parë

    So true racism is indeed hardwired .☹️

  • Karim Bhuiyan

    Karim Bhuiyan

    Muaj më parë

    Nope it is learned

  • Jax Munroe
    Jax MunroeMuaj më parë

    ?ae bahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Robin Hoffman
    Robin HoffmanMuaj më parë


  • D Bryan
    D BryanMuaj më parë

    How about if we elect a black president who allows police murder of innocent black civilians to become so frequent and unaccounted for during his presidency that the largest protest movement in the nation's history begins? How about if a black president illegally overthrows an African nation (Libya), allowing open slave markets to start up again? How about if a black president allows 5 million citizens to be illegally foreclosed upon by the likes of Steve Mnuchin, et al? Because when he says "there is no silver bullet," it sounds like he was powerless to do anything about it and not that he held the most powerful position on the planet for eight years. OR how about if we quit listening to a politician described by Cornell West as a "black mascot for Wall Street?"

  • Charles Evans
    Charles EvansMuaj më parë

    Answer is there’s no cure to racism. U can’t cure it because nothing was made to be perfect. They will always have racist and colorist in this world. We can only pray for those who are on the wrong side of the tracks!!!!! History already happened and I can’t change the history of slavery. So all we as African Americans can do is stick together and create our own market lane to walk in.

  • Joseph Tewksbury
    Joseph TewksburyMuaj më parë

    Basically we need to stop forming groups that take sides and draw lines and start being willing to at least start forward progress by being friendly with strangers and chat etc. I don't think there are as many racists now as there were even 30 years ago. I just feel that since there are so many people population wise that it is not easy to see it another way. More connecting and time and change will happen. I have held that belief my whole life and I try to pass it on to others. This mainly starts when we all stop finger pointing about past transgressions that were in most cases not even done by the current generation of people since we constantly are getting new people into this country. That is what this country is about. We are everyone and we need to start embodying that in our own actions as well. Peace and Love to Everyone!!!

  • Joseph Tewksbury

    Joseph Tewksbury

    Muaj më parë

    @Tatt Bass so you think everyone is racist. Then I guess you think the government must be watching your every move because "conspiracy" and Aliens are trying to abduct you.... I dont know how you live your life!!! Go sit down

  • Tatt Bass

    Tatt Bass

    Muaj më parë

    That's inaccurate your neighbor is racists and you dont even know it Judges, Laywers, Polic Officers, Teachers, Principals etcc.....

  • Brian Oconnell
    Brian OconnellMuaj më parë

    The cure for racism: For black people to stop being so racist towards whites. If racism among blacks were as minimal as it is among whites, there'd be no problem.

  • Alter
    AlterMuaj më parë

    If anyone can answer that, then it would be a war president who has countless innocents on his conscience ...

  • Eric Goldstein
    Eric GoldsteinMuaj më parë

    amazing how people look to the person most responsible for leading to the unrest in race relations for advise.

  • Your Brother Mike
    Your Brother MikeMuaj më parë

    No silver bullet for ignorance/racism, but BLM sure knows how to monetize it lol

  • Joe Rodriguez
    Joe RodriguezMuaj më parë

    Haha!!!! He’s so FULL OF IT!!! It’s all about black folk, NOT about people of color.... ultimately black is right and everything else is not, not Hispanic, not white, not Asian. He paints it in a nice veneer of “tolerance” but essentially he’s saying that their position is correct and sure “ don’t hate them if they’re wrong”.... but they’re wrong. He’s essentially saying their way is the only way..... god they continue to be the ideology of intolerance..... 🤦🏽‍♂️ It’s simple, MLK knew it 60 years ago, judge people by the content of their character, not the color of their skin..... It’s not rocket science people. Oh, and we have to realize, as a collective community, both locally, statewide, nationally, AND even globally, those that most talk about race are the racist themselves....

  • Chris Spaight
    Chris SpaightMuaj më parë

    Hi Emmanuel, love this video. My 2 cents, for whatever they're worth as a white person... There's a phrase that's usually applied to disability and/or mental illness that I recently feel we need to apply to racism as well. "It's not your fault, but it is your responsibility." It's not my fault systemic racism and the inherent bias that Obama was talking about exist and are part of the world I grew up in. But it is my responsibility to be receptive to being corrected when I fall into those traps and to do better going forward. I think a big part of ending racism would be to get all of us (white people) to understand that when someone calls us on our ignorance they aren't always saying it's our fault. (As Obama mentioned.... sometimes there is that assumption, and I agree that we need to watch out for that as well.) The fact is you can't change people's minds with anger and shame. Only love can create love. Only compassion can create compassion. If we can get past this attack mode somehow (both people attacking before teaching AND people assuming those trying to teach are attacking) we will get much farther in ending racism.

  • leif nielson
    leif nielsonMuaj më parë

    Race bait!!

  • Beverly Hilliard
    Beverly HilliardMuaj më parë

    I agree a 99% "...the statement about being open by giving people the benefit of the doubt..." yes, I do believe that being open by hearing ones thoughts, opinions, and or what thoughts are based on with some facts. Thus is truly a part in understanding to get along with each other people with diversity. However, it is dangerous for people to give other people 'the benefit of the doubt'. Giving people the benefit of the doubt usually is a sign of warning for people to realize it is not to their interest or benefit. Referring to what was written in the book, The Life code by Dr. Phil. Maybe(?) give a person 'A Reasonable Doubt' while we are being open to understand them vice-versa them understanding us too. This applies to all subjects of diversity not just racism.

  • Gilbert Campbell
    Gilbert CampbellMuaj më parë

    Remember when question before being elected as President. A question was asked if you lose the election would it be because of race he said NO. After leaving office he started on about how people are racist. But as he said before elected he would not lose because of race.

  • Pietje Puk
    Pietje PukMuaj më parë

    It's very difficult to be part of the discussion of racism as a white person who is not a racist when some people are saying white people are racist and thus calling you a racist by default because of the color of your skin. Instead of using terms as "white folks" and saying they do this thing or that thing, call those individuals out by their name, not their entire race of billion(s) of people.

  • sulu


    Muaj më parë

    People shut up quite fast when they call me racist and I grin while replying "We're all racist, didn't you know?" :)

  • BossLadii71


    Muaj më parë

    Now you can understand how us Black people feel, we go through this everyday.. Walking in a store being followed because of the color of your skin, why because they "Assume" you don't have any money and you're there to steal, not knowing anything about you But Because Of The Color Of Your Skin. No, It Doesn't Feel Good Being Lumped Into A Group By What's On The Outside, Instead Of Being Judge On The Character Of The Inside (Your Heart)

  • Travis Gustave
    Travis GustaveMuaj më parë

    Why are you asking him

  • Nico The Bay Clout Champion
    Nico The Bay Clout ChampionMuaj më parë

    I wish he spoke like this as president

  • Gabrielle Desouter
    Gabrielle DesouterMuaj më parë

    Good answer Barak Obama!

  • adam jam
    adam jamMuaj më parë

    Bunch of crap you have the bully pulpit and you are using it we don't hold ourselves accountable let's start there

  • Fitness Guru
    Fitness GuruMuaj më parë

    There is no cure for so-called racism. It's existed since mankind, just as Lions are against Hyenas. People need to keep it moving, keep their own house clean and stop sweating dumb s***

  • Kimberly Allen
    Kimberly AllenMuaj më parë

    I think if you just look at people as people and not as a color is think that is when I hope it would stop. My son is Spanish and white he has problems he's either not Mexican enough or not white enough. I just wish people would see color just the person in front of them because we all bleed red

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    5 ditë më parë

    Thank you for your continuous love and support

  • Chris Kavanagh
    Chris KavanaghMuaj më parë

    Barack Obama did more to damage race relations than anyone I can think of in the last 50 yrs. Spare me the "cure racism" crap. If Obama cared about black Americans, he would've helped Chicago's killing fields of young black men. If he cared, he wouldn't back the woke nonsense of "White Fragility" and other such garbage. He's perfectly fine with teaching little white kids they were "born racist." And he's fine with teaching black children they were "born Victims."

  • Mazdemy
    MazdemyMuaj më parë

    cure to racism ... you can find some insights from the autobiography of Malcolm X

  • Christopher Blond
    Christopher BlondMuaj më parë

    T.A.L.K T- Time will take time. A- Acceptance to educate self L- Learning Other Cultures K- Kindness to fellow humans

  • Tatt Bass

    Tatt Bass

    Muaj më parë

    We been doing that for decades that shit doesn't WORK

  • MissBrendaLee Gertman
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  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Thank you for your continuous love and support

  • mclab100
    mclab100Muaj më parë

    It so funny let's cure racism by talking about it, set up a panel on it, study it, write some more books on it, etc. - that's all. Then election time after we have done nothing to make sure it's not in place; let's hang it around the necks of our opponents. What? You are going to mess with someone's pocketbook or their calling card or their baseless mike drop moment - You are racists!

  • Clay Pigeon
    Clay PigeonMuaj më parë

    please hear me out? i think Barack Obama has the outline of the silver bullet to end racism. he mentions how people have an almost hardwired tribal, other kind of person reaction & how many generations since cavewomen have people made effort to be from "civilized" to actually be not racist? i don't think we started yet. i came across non violent communication education that asks how would you feel if you were hit from behind while walking? confused? scared? angry? then you turn and see an old man holding his left arm in pain struggling(heart attack). do you feel angry? do you feel scared? were the RULES? of your feelings at 1st wrong? Are feelings rules or are they hardwiring we can learn to hear? We need emotional education for ourselves LET ALONE our children. if we can stop being ruled by our fears or feelings and instead use them like alcohol: they can enhance life & celebration and bring up and inform about when we aren't looking at or angry with something inside. Once you can start to understand yourself and live with yourself you can stop blaming others for things you can't solve alone. Once you stop needing yourself to be more or to accept something is only perfect when you let it be what it is without asking it to be different. Racism can only die when all individuals have the common knowledge of self respect, self love, and willingness to allow others to be who they are

  • Marie Jean-Louis
    Marie Jean-LouisMuaj më parë

    Addressing inequalities in housing education and health care towards African Americans will assist in curing racism

  • Juliane Rybicki
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    I miss him..and the family SOOOOOOO much

  • Emmanuelacho Chinedum

    Emmanuelacho Chinedum

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    Thank you for your continuous love and support

  • Maya Mattie
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    FEAR NOT...We all (people) should understand that learning from history is not a personal attack. It is stating facts, righting injustices (without attaching blame), and moving to equality for all. Love to both of you handsome and intelligent gentlemen.

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